Extraordinary leaders like: Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and many others seem to have visionary & charismatic skills that seem to be rare. However, I have come to realise that they function from a higher, more expanded state of conciousness and are able to access and create from this state. You are no different from them and with the correct support and tools, I have no doubt you will be able to fulfill dreams beyond your imagination.

Analyzing these leaders and taking into account my own journey in Executive management and personal development, have enabled me to develop a program that will enhance these skills for everyone in a leadership position. 

The key to achieve this is to elevate to level of High Performance Consiousness. At this level extraordinary performance as a leader is natural and abundance in all levels of your life a given. The world is in need for leaders that can operate from this higher level consiousness and transform the current outdated systems in business & politics.

Body awareness

Top performers in business are functioning like Golden medal athletes.

To create the conditions for optimum performance & resilience you need to be aware of the functioning of the body. This includes the impact of clean water, nutritious food intake and balanced sleep/excersize programs.

Mind awareness

Increasing the awareness of your behaviors and thoughts and the impact on your mood and that of others is essential in the success and joy that you will experience in your job.

Awareness of Self and Others is part of your level of EQ – Emotional intelligence

A body prepared for high performance and higher levels of awareness are requirements to expand your consciousness to a higher level and thus joining the lead of extraordinary & visionary leaders.

Spirit awareness

The process to facilitate the expansion to a higher consciousness: XI – Exponential Intelligence.

This process is developed by my dear friend and business partner: Mas Sajady. (for more information see reference section)


When the body, mind and spirit are in alignment you reach a state of consciousness called: I AM. Sometimes I refer to it as your Authentic self or your Essence.

Being your Authentic self means you will act with charisma and higher values: such as integrity, respect, openness, transparency and Love. 

Your employees, customers, partners and relationships will recognize the change and react accordingly. Fulfilling the potential for connections that are loving, healthy, strong and sustainable.

The more you expand and become your Authentic self the more 360 degrees of Abundance will manifest in all aspects of your life.

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