Pieter and I have been part of the management team of a high tech company. There was a special connection at that time but this became evident to me after he left the company.

Since then I have seen his transformation and passion to grow and become a remarkable being. Since we met again a year ago he has assisted me in my journey to find my joy in life and helped me grow as a leader. Our relationship has developed into a close friendship with a deep loving connection that I treasure.

Thank you for being you Pieter. – Erik de Pee, CTO Inforay

I have had the pleasure of working with Pieter for several years. Pieter is an inspiringĀ and passionate coach. He has guided me in my every aspect of my life journey: health, business and relationships.

During the last year he has assisted me in my expansion to become my Authentic self and to create a fully abundant life.The journey has and will not end here … I look forward to continue working with him.

– Karsten Junghanns, CEO FA Entwicklung GmbH

I have known Pieter for more than a decade. He has always challenged me to look at life in a unique and inspiring way. It has changed my perspective on situations in my company as well as private life and transformed me as a leader.

I look forward to strengthening our relationship by dedicating more time to work on the next stage of my personal growth. Pieter inspires me to see what is possible in life and shows me a way to increase the level of abundance in every aspect of my life.

– Ties Schaafsma, CEO GPS-buddy