What inspires me to coach

I feel blessed and grateful to all the teachers, mentors and leaders that have supported me to navigate my journey so far. They have acted as mirrors reflecting back to me where I was in my personal growth process. Offering me support and encouragement as I transformed and made necessary changes.

Throughout my business career and personal life, growth and transformation has enabled me to become my Authentic self and enjoy living the truly abundant life I knew was my birthright.

This gratitude inspires me to offer my knowledge, experience, tools, energy and love to assist others on their journey.

My personal experience has shown me that I am able to create abundance through success in my business career and thus creating wealth. I am blessed to have been involved in 2 long term (20+) relationships of family life with in total of 5 beautiful children.

Unfortunately, it came at a significant cost with divorces, stress related illnesses and lack of joy and happiness overall.

An inevitable burnout forced me to take inventory of my life situation and powered my search to find ways to heal my body from the years of stress and anxiety. I started a journey of more than 20 years on finding ways to grow and transform and become my Authentic self and experience abundance in every aspect of my life.

I am now enjoying a body that feels 20 years younger than my age and which has recovered from serious chronic illnesses. I am naturally and without effort attracting abundance in my financial situation, career and love relationships.

This confirms my understanding that every human has the potential to live a fully abundant life.

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